Plot Train Episode 6 - PTA Superheroes Episode 3b

24th of July '17

This episode features a villain who hasn’t been mentioned before; War Squid. This name was casually thrown out there during a special ‘non-episode’ we recorded before this ‘real episode’, when I (Michael) was improvising super-villain names for Corvid to drop in a conversation to impress a girl. It makes sense in context. Maybe we’ll release that episode at one point. Who knows.

So who is this War Squid? Is War Squid human or squid? What makes them so “War”? None of these answers exist. Yet. And that’s the best thing about this group; we can throw something out there and the rest of the group will complete that thought or take it and run with it.

…or leave it to die a quick and painless death. You might’ve noticed that there are more than one dropped threads throughout this podcast.

Lesser minds would say that we practice “retroactive continuity”… au contraire, we prefer to use the term “continuity-fluid”.

Artwork by Valentin P on Unsplash