Plot Train Episode 5 - PTA Superheroes Episode 3a

07th of March '17

In the distant future the world’s greatest thinkers will attempt to understand why Corvid thought it was a good idea to tackle Geyser through a sixth floor window.

Analytical philosophers will argue that the window and subsequent fall wasn’t important to the matter at hand.

The existentialists will decry the fact that Corvid and Geyser were merely characters on a obscure actual play podcast.

Platonist philosophers will dismiss the question as neither Corvid or Geyser are archetypes like Batman or Superman, and therefore don’t matter.

Pragmatists might point out that Corvid was singularly focused on subduing Geyser to the exclusion of rational thought.

Objectivists will scream and curse as they burn in the fire that anybody who thought that Ayn Rand’s pointless waste of ink and paper was meaningful should.

Then again we all know the answer. Corvid fucked up.

(Philosophy students will wonder why a Computer Science graduate is attempting to make philosophy jokes. Philosophy graduates will return to making coffee.)