Plot Train Episode 4.5

02nd of March '17

Where do game campaigns come from? A careful combination of elements, mixed with an alchemist’s wisdom? Formed whole-cloth from a foundation, merely discovered like Michelangelo discovered David? From a flash of inspiration, the kind that makes you lurch bolt upright in the middle of the night?


Every roleplayer knows the foul, disturbing truth; campaigns are wrenched from the milky darkness of chaos in a flurry of shouts and screams. The stinking offal of pop culture, personal preference and audacious imagination clash in a blood-sport of ideological supremacy. When you lock five twenty-somethings in a room and ask them to unleash their imaginations you must suffer the consequences.

Also, sorry about missing this week’s episode. As an apology here’s some random audio from the game creation session for PTA Superheroes (you might call it episode 0).