(Before my faux-meaningful commentary, I’d like to draw your attention to the fact that I created music for this episode! Feedback welcome!) Like many American TV shows, the competence of the villains fluctuates depending on whoever is writing the episode.
This episode features a villain who hasn’t been mentioned before; War Squid. This name was casually thrown out there during a special ‘non-episode’ we recorded before this ‘real episode’, when I (Michael) was improvising super-villain names for Corvid to drop in a conversation to impress a girl. It makes sense in context. Maybe we’ll release ...more
In the distant future the world’s greatest thinkers will attempt to understand why Corvid thought it was a good idea to tackle Geyser through a sixth floor window. Analytical philosophers will argue that the window and subsequent fall wasn’t important to the matter at hand. The existentialists will decry the fact that Corvid and Geyser ...more

Plot Train Episode 4.5

02nd of March '17
Where do game campaigns come from? A careful combination of elements, mixed with an alchemist’s wisdom? Formed whole-cloth from a foundation, merely┬ádiscovered like┬áMichelangelo discovered David? From a flash of inspiration, the kind that makes you lurch bolt upright in the middle of the night? Nay. Every roleplayer knows the foul, disturbing truth; campaigns are wrenched ...more
The Plot Train mob return with a new episode of PTA Superheroes, featuring their most exciting adventures yet: the trials and tribulations of domestic life. University essays. Twitch streams. Plumbing jobs. Mafia family meetings…?